Monday, 13 January 2014

Moulin Rouge Hen Party Costume Ideas

It's officially the start of the 'Wedding' season and we are busy working on lots of dresses to make the lovely hens and her friends look totally gorgeous ;) Burlesque theme hen nights are getting more and more popular. The Burlesque bride look normally consists of a white feather or net costume with white accessories such as gloves, stockings and fascinator or cute little mini top hat. This look is totally sexy but also very classy!

Moulin rouge themed hen nights are equally as popular and has pretty much the same look as burlesque but maybe a little more 'showgirly'!! maybe an ostrich feather in the hair instead of the mini top hat.

The next theme which is always a winner and an excuse for being totally over the top is 'Big fat gypsy wedding' for a big fat gypsy wedding costume it has to be a vibrant coloured costume normally hot pinks and turquoise our Petunia feather dress is perfect for this theme finished with some 'BIG' jewellery.

Enjoy organising and planning your hen night after all it is an extremely exciting time ;)


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