Thursday, 29 May 2014

The advantages of wearing a corset

Here at The Burlesque Boutique we love our corsets and have corsets in almost every colour you can imagine! We stock plastic boned fashion corsets for beginners and those just looking for a Moulin Rouge fancy dress outfit, and we also stock steel boned corsets for those who want a high quality corset that can be used for waist training. Did you know there are a great number of physical and mental benefits to wearing a corset? The full breakdown can be found on the Lucy’s Corsetry blog but we’ve picked out our favourites here...

·       Corsets are good for posture and back problems: Corsets can help to minimise back pain by correcting posture. They are often used to help people who have experienced slipped discs, vertebral fractures, and those who suffer from autoimmune disorders such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. They promote good posture and prevent the back pain that is associated by sitting in a slouched or hunched position for too long.

·       Corsets can help with menstrual cramps: Many women who suffer from painful menstrual cramps each month experience temporary relief by lying in the foetal position, which puts a little pressure on the peritoneal organs and alleviates the pain a little. Wearing a corset during a period mimics the foetal position technique by exerting pressure on the same organs and reducing uterine contractions.

·       Corsets can be a good weight loss tool: Wearing a corset acts as a sort of external gastric band as it does not allow for very much in the way of expansion around the stomach area. Whilst wearing a corset you’ll find that you consume smaller portions of food to avoid uncomfortable bloating. Seeing your slimmer figure whilst wearing a corset can also spur you on to eat healthily and exercise to achieve a slimmer figure for real.

·       Corsets act as armour: Wearing a corset can make you feel as though you’re wearing armour that separates you from the outside world and protects you from harm. If you’ve suffered from low self-esteem or been abused in the past a corset can give you the emotional strength to face people without feeling as vulnerable or exposed. The rigidity of a corset can make you feel as though there is more structure in your life, helping you to feel more in control of things. A corset will also boost your self-esteem too as you’ll look and feel amazing wearing it!

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