Monday, 16 June 2014

How To Get The Rockabilly Look!

If you love the figure-hugging dresses and leopard print sweaters of the rockabilly look, read on to find out how to achieve the style.

Rockabilly was one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music which emerged in the 1950s, and has seen several revivals since, most notably in the 1980s. In terms of fashion, the rockabilly genre was somewhat of a rebellion of the buttoned-up, conservative look of the late 1940s. Girls tended to dress in full-skirt dresses, with low heeled shoes, and ponytails. However, those with economic and social backgrounds that allowed a little more leeway with regards to rebellion took rockabilly to its limit, with girls choosing pencil skirts, tight sweaters, and stiletto heels to show off their naughty side.
The full skirts, pencil skirts, figure-hugging dresses, and tight sweaters of the 1950s are what influenced the rockabilly fashion as we know and love it today. If you’ve admired the look for a while and decided to give it a go, here are a few tips to ease you into the rockabilly look...

The Hair
When creating a rockabilly look, one of the easiest things to begin with is your hair. In terms of colour most things work with a rockabilly look, but many women seem to favour black, bright red, or bleached blonde hair. As for style, curls are always a winner so invest in some rollers, a curling iron, and a lot of hairspray. Use the rollers to create victory rolls (search Google for tutorials), have a think, straight fringe cut in, curl your hair, and adorn it with a flower or a cute headscarf tied in a bow.

The Makeup
The rockabilly look is fairly simple to achieve if you know your way around a makeup bag. Start by creating a flawless base with primer, foundation, and concealer. Add a small amount of blush to give your face a little colour, and seal your base with loose of pressed powder. The rockabilly look is all about the eyes and lips. Apply black eyeliner and flick it up at the edges to make your eyes look big and sultry, then give your lashes a coat of black mascara, and finish the look off with bright lipstick.

The Clothes

If you’re not ready to go full rockabilly yet then you can add accents of the style by wearing a top in a rockabilly retro style print. For example leopard print, polka dots, cherry print, gingham, and tattoo print are all favoured by rockabilly girls. Styles such as halter-neck tops and shirts that tie at the waist will look great. Team your rockabilly print top or rockabilly corset with cropped jeans, and when you’re feeling braver, a rockabilly 1950's pencil skirt or a full swing skirt or dress, with a pair of stilettos to finish the look off.

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